Friday, January 18, 2008

We are in soooo much trouble!!!

This afternoon I heard a bit of a ruckous coming from the nursery that I had to check out. (I was just coming in from picking up Jack, and the teens were babysitting)
So I walk in the room and what do I see? First of all, the three musketeers were on the top bunk, a no-no.
But what shocked me was watching my 15 month old climb his way to the top bunk. He had gotten onto his bottom bunk, climbed to the dresser, then shimmied up to the top bunk.
There is nothing safe now. He knows he can get anywhere. We are done for.
I think we are going to take the bed apart and have two beds instead so he is safe.

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Jessie said...

THAT's so scary! Elli's getting to the point where she's wanting to really climb a lot...step ladders, sofa, steps, whatever. I can't imagine seeing him do that! I think 2 beds is a safer, yet more space taking solution. :)

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