Monday, January 21, 2008

This too shall pass....

That is what I told myself over and over as Trinity proceeded to daily dig into her diaper and finger paint with her p00p. It was bad when she would paint the rungs of the crib, the sheets, herself and the walls through the bars. But some days she would get into it when she was out of bed.
One day she was playing nicely in her room, nothing to cause suspicions for me, a little noise here and there.
But then I smelled it.
I walked the long walk of terror across the house to her room. I found p00p ground into the carpet. I found painted stuffed animals. I found her Fisher Price doll house with a new color fence and floor and walls. But where was Trinity?
I followed the trail of p00py footprints through the kitchen and down the hall. On several steps there were p00p figurines looking down on me, set ever so nicely on display. But I kept on for my target, which I found in the bathroom getting ready for the much needed bath that was coming anyway. P00p on the tub and floor and toilette, her clothes and her.
That was the worst mess I can remember. I have blocked lots of them out.
I said "This too shall pass over and over until I got through the entire mess. And you know what? It did pass! Right on to Samuel. And we start it all over again.

So, in light of that, I figured I should enter for Crazy Hip Blog Mamas Oreck XL Ultra Vacuum! She is giving one away on January 31. I'm going to need all the help I can get in the cleaning department.


Kadi said...

Oh man. Only two of my seven went through the poop painting phase. I've had to rent the rug doctor several times. I feel your pain!!

Andrea said...

Ewww! But yes...this too will pass...hopefully quickly! :) I also wanted to let ya know I have another contest this week...if you want to check it out, here's the direct link. :)

Sarah said...

yuck. 'nuff said.

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