Friday, January 18, 2008

It is all good here!

Does anyone else enjoy torturing their teens as much as I do?
I have been a little nauseated since last Saturday, which could be allergies for me, and then at that retreat I went to 5 people asked me if I am pregnant because I was knitting with pastels. (I have 3 girls!) So, just for fun, since I am not pregnant, I decided to freak Kaytlin out.

"Kaytlin, here's some money, would you run up to the store and pick up a pregnancy test for me?"
"Mom! Seriously! Are you kidding me? Do you think anyone would believe that a 16yo is buying the test for her MOM? No, they would think it is for me! Are you kidding me? OK, fine, give me the money."
Whoa! I did not think she would be willing to do it! She said she was willing to do it to prove to me that people would think it was for her. LOL
Well, I'm sure no one would even ask her who it was for, but she might get some looks from people.

Though you should hear what some of the girls in the high school endured while carrying around those babies that cry for their child development class! One was called a whore for it! Hello! It is a doll! If someone is too stupid to look to see if the child is even real before judging, they certainly couldn't imagine that the child could be a sibling or niece or babysitting.

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Sarah said...

That is super funny! I love, LOVE your blog design~ The background...the colors...the everything! It is super fabulous! I like your button, too!

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