Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday's Good Stuff

Lots of Good Stuff out there today!!!

One of the Good things in my life right now that keeps me going with the day to day stuff is LNO Ladies Night Out. So when I saw the shirt "Livin' for the next girl's night out" tee at PlanetMomTshirts.com I knew I had to have it. Thankfully, Tops 2 Bottoms is giving one away! The giveaway ends Feb. 13. I hope I win this one!

Prizey is giving away a great little set for the Super Heros at your house from Little Capers!
Our kids are nuts for super heros, as a matter of fact, our daughter has had a Spiderman bedset from toddler bed to even now at 4 years old.
Two days a week I babysit for a couple of boys and they, along with Trinity and Samuel, would love to be a super team.
Trinity would be the Heart Hero because she is the girl of the team, and loves hearts, plus she is sweet on the boys! Samuel is the bitty boy and needs a Red star hero outfit, he is a star! Jonah would be the lightening hero, and no one who knows him would pick anything else! He is fast and into things with lightening speed! Isaac would need the peace hero because he is the sweet one of the bunch, not wanting the fighting and he is a sensitive love bug.
They would fly around the house, sling webs and drive bat cars if they were all suited up to be heros. They already climb walls, so we won't go there.

Teresa is running her first contest of the year over at her personal blog. You have a chance to win a beautiful turquoise bracelet created by Lori Jaclyn. She’s willing to ship anywhere and that means anyone is eligible to participate and win.

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