Monday, January 28, 2008

I just have to do highlight some!

I wasn't going to be posting giveaways since you can access them all in one spot, but I think I will highlight a few over here! Check back for more!
New at top!
Ordinary Days is giving away some Almay makeup! I really need some blush and foundation.
Goddess of the Home is giving away Message in a Bottle.
A Call to Higher Places is giving away a great money saving book, Cashing in at the Checkout.
Hi-Tech Momma is giving away a 2gb Flash drive.
TheAngelForever - Writing goodies & Target Gift card
Apron and other things(deby)
Christy (LUSH and Starbucks)
Quiet Quandaries (Usborne Pirate Book)
chilihead (day1: tote bag)
Kellie (a Valentine's Apron
supertiff some crazy giveaways
The Apronista (Kid's Apron)
Mommin' It Up! ($25 Kroger gift card!)
Happy Geek (For Candians-girls outfit)
Lady Why (Bloggy Makeover!)
Stacey(blog header & layout)
Clappy Shoes-$15 Sonic Gift Card
Mommy Cracked ($25 Amazon)
Karen ($100 gc)
Simply A Musing (jewelry!!)
5 Min for Mom (1 Kodak camera, 4 gift cards)
Jacki ($10 Walmart Giftcard)
Adventures In Babywearing (Target gift card)
An Iowa Mom ($25 Gift Card)
Gabi's World- $10 Walmart books
Monkey Giggles some sort of mp3 player, zen thing
Heart of Wisdom Book and $10 Gift
Revka - blog design package from RS
Ear Candy Jewelry ($15 gift certificate
Christine - From Dates to Diapers (Starbucks and Chocolate
Melissa's Idea Garden(ZudaGay Jewelry)
Qtpies7 (non-toxic baby toys)
Qtpies7 (silver earrings)
Linda- Blog Design package (RS Designs)
blog header/banner and matching sidebar button
The Good Stuff (Blog makeover!)
Casey (B&N Gift Cert.)
Sassyfrazz (Personalized Fruit snack)
Sassyfrazz (Kaboost)
Britni ( & Starbucks Gift Cards)
Karen ($30 Gift Card)
Mom In The Know ($25.00 gift certificate to The Big Pink Cookie Company)
LJ-15$ amazon card
Julie ($20 gift card!)
My Brand Name Baby (BabyLegs)
Fizz (Cracker Barrel)

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Karen said...

Gosh! I didn't even realize you had highlighted me! Thanks so much! :)

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