Thursday, January 17, 2008

Everything is gone!!!

I came to my blog today and everything is gone except the posts! My new header, my template, all my links and my buttons and my code for things........... all gone.
Thankfully I am getting my new template today or tomorrow, but I still have to find all my buttons and links again, whaaa!!!!
It just adds to my lovely day. I took my frustration with my blogs over to a problem with Best Buy not honoring a contract they made with us, or rather honoring one they lied to us about and did not give us a full copy of. Hopefully that will be resolved today.


I went to change the background and found I was reverted to the old blogger, so I updated and picked a background and all my stuff came back!!!! Woohoo!!!
Maybe this is a good sign for the Best Buy fiasco!


emily said...

don't you hate the bloggy freaked out feeling? I've been there...

Sarah said...

Oh I am happy that some of the "issues" have been resolved! I hope you get good news from Best Buy, and a few apologies! Sorry to hear that you were having a crummy day.

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