Friday, January 18, 2008

My family's favorite pastime~ Paintball!

Our family is gung-ho for paintball, with a former Army guy and 4 sons, and even a daughter, who play, paintball guns are frequently on our list of gift items for Christmas and birthdays.
Whether you are bunkering in speedball, or hitting a trench in woodsball, you can rest assured that Ultimate Paintball has everything you need for initial outfit, maintenance, or upgrade of your gear. Throughout my family's experience with paintball, we have often been frustrated by limited or complex websites that waste time that can be better spent annihilating opponents. Ultimate Paintball carries top marker lines such as Spyder and Tippman, with prices that seem low for the excellent quality of equipment offered, with the added benefit of free shipping.
We'll be getting our tippmann a5 upgrades there as soon as the snow thaws.

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