Saturday, January 19, 2008

I have a question

Why do women want to wear their pants around their hips instead of their waist? Seriously, it is not comfortable, you have to pull them up all the time, and you run a high risk of having your underwear show.
I have been harassed by my kids for wearing "80's pants" that go up to my waist. So, I took the plunge and tried a pair of hip level pants, and even went for a flared leg, which I think is just gross.
I am uncomfortable, constantly pulling my pants up, and there is a draft up the leg!
Know what my dd16 said? "You are a hip mom now!"
You mean a hip showing off mom. I don't like showing off my ample hips. I try to hide them as much as possible.
The things I do for my kids.

Weigh in, ladies, what do you wear? And if you are under 30, you don't count, thank you very much! I know what you wear, you young hipsters, you. You'd never be caught dead in elastic waisted pants, so just put some duck tape over your fingers and don't type a word. Oh, and if you are skinny, I don't want to hear it.

Check out my poll on the right and please leave a comment about your answer, if you dare.


Tara said...

well... since I am neither skinny, nor under 30 I guess I qualify to make a comment! I actually wear hip level pants... but the ones that are JUST BELOW the waist, not the ones that are REALLY low. And I actually find them more comfortable... plus they seem to be the only kind of pants I can find these days. But I always wear loose longer tops to cover up all my bulges... well, I TRY to cover them up anyway.

Laura said...

I agree with Tara...I think the "just below the waist" pants are more comfortable, and don't dig into my (ahem) ample waist quite as much as do the "at the waist" pants. And, no, I am NOT under 30, and have (*&)^$$%&^& pounds to lose in the next year...I told the people at Curves that I've been saving up wieght from 6 children just so I can lose it at Curves!!

Anonymous said...

Aw, I voted before seeing the age cutoff :)

I am firmly in the "at the waist" camp, and you wouldn't believe how hard they are to find for women in their 20's!

Anonymous said...
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Sarah said...

I would like to wear jeans that are just below the waist...I think elastic waist is for "old people" and I hope I never go there, because they are super ugly. Right now, I am changing jeans so much, that I just want some that fit for a bit. Who knows what I will wear when all is said and done. :)

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

I find pants, especially jeans, terribly uncomfortable. I haven't worn a pair of jeans since the late 80's. I wear nothing but loose flowing dresses and skirts (elastic waist only) -- except to do yoga, then I wear lose elastic waist (at the waist) pajama type pants.

Wendy said...

I'm a waist-level woman, and I'll never change. Not that anyone can tell, because I tend to wear shirts that come down at least to my hips anyway. I'll never understand what's fashionable about going around with your pants falling off. Sheesh!

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