Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesday's Contests

I will be updating this throughout the day as I find contests and I have the time to put them in.

  1. First off comes a book I would LOVE to win. My family is very, very passionate about creationism vs. evolution. The book wouldn't be put on the shelf for 6 months between us all! Rodney of The Journey, is giving away one copy of The Creation Answers Book. We all have wanted to read this book! Ends November 1st.
  2. Party Food -- Birthday Giveaway Day THREEWhat are your favorite party foods? Christine would love to know. Write about it in a post on your blog, and link to this giveaway, anytime before Saturday evening, October 27th. My favorite party foods are dill pickles smeared with cream cheese and wrapped in thinly sliced deli ham, then freeze slightly so you can easily slice them into bite-size pieces. Sound weird, but they are soooo good.
  3. The Easiest $100 You Might Ever Win contest is going on over at Contest Beat. Ends October 31st. I'd like to win this one, even though he did NOT choose my cool Swiss Army Knife prize to give away, lol. I'm buying several knives for Christmas, so I'll take the money.
  4. the Trade is giving away a Star Wars Pop up Guide to the Galaxy book. Ends October 28th.
  5. the Trade is also giving away a TON of DVD's to one winner! Ends October 31.
  6. The Trade is also giving away a bunch of movie posters! My husband would LOVE two of them, he is always wanting the posters from the theaters. Ends October 31.
  7. Dinosaurium giveaway at Rocks in My Dryer Bloggy Giveaways. Ends October 27th. I can't wait until I can enter at her give aways again! Whaaa!
  8. Bloggy Giveaways: Quote the Walls Ends October 26th.
  9. Bloggy Giveaways: Mommy Tags Ends October 23.
  10. Moms Morning Show is giving away a pair of Lil' Squeakers for toddlers. If I won this, it would to be given away to my siblings' children to torture them. Ends October 26th.
  11. Woman's Day is giving away a 1/2 carat pair of earrings! Ends November 22.
  12. Women's Day washer and dryer giveaway! Ends November 2. They are having TONS of contests there, check them out!
  13. Boomama is having a jewelry giveaway!!! Go, Boomama!!! Ends Friday.

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Christine said...

Wow, those pickles of yours actually sound super good... I'll have to try 'em!

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