Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Getting debt free

Donnie and I have gotten into our share of financial messes. We've gotten some major and minor debts, but all of them seemed to be "necessary." Now we know better. We have worked hard and have finally paid off our vehicles this year. Of course that means they have to break down. However, even replacing the engine is cheaper than a year of car payments, and certainly cheaper than a 3-5 year vehicle loan! So we have learned patience and started fixing our vehicles instead of replacing them. Now we have $700 a month NOT going to a bank, and even less going to insurance each month also.
That has allowed us to start whittling away at our little debts. We will be debt free except for our house in a couple of years, possibly even in the next year. But I expect with car repairs and other things needing to be dealt with that it will take 2 more years.
We have never been so close that we could "see" debt free before.
That is another reason I am not buying a Wii, and my quest continues..... I do not want to spend frivolously. I want to Get Rich Slowly. And win a Wii.

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