Monday, March 10, 2008

Another one!!!

I love, love babywearing. I am desperately seeking a pouch to try out. I am writing articles on babywearing and Attachment parenting, but I haven't gotten a pouch or Mei Tai to try yet. I'm bumming! If any company would like to get a review of their pouch or Mei Tai on my main blog, I would bend over backwards for you!!

But here is a chance to win a Mod Mum pouch sling at Ellinghouse! I hope I win it! I would probably pick the Riley because it is gender nuetral enough and very cute. Definately mod. I also love the Taylor and the Camden in blue. The Lily would be nice for a really fancy affair.


Cassie said...

Check out I have a pouch from them and I love it. We bought one for DH too. I wish I could afford one for my babysitter. We have twins so there's a lot of babywearing going on around here.

Toner said...

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