Friday, March 7, 2008

Am I back???

It has been a busy, busy time preparing for my mom to move here, and getting her settled. Followed by being sick.
But I have to blog and tell you about a Sleepywrap wrap being given away! I have gotten two Sleepywraps and we love them! Kristen at An Ordinary Life is hosting the giveaway.

Sleepy Wrap is giving away $100 AND a wrap in one of the two new colors, black or red! The wrap would have been more than sufficient, but wow!
The women who run Sleepy Wrap are fantastic and so is their product.
My favorite sentence in the testimonials is

"It is the first time Sam has liked riding on my back in a wrap, it is much more
secure than my other wrap. He cried when I took him out."

Because that is MY testimonial!
Contest ends March 29.

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Ellinghouse said...

thanks so much for the heads up, I'm going to go enter right away.

...I actually have a babysling giveaway of my own going on right now you should check out...

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