Saturday, September 8, 2007

Win a Nintendo Wii From John Cow

John Cow and CellForCash have joined forces to bring one super lucky blogger a brand new, in the box, Nintendo Wii gaming system. All you have to do is write about 150-200 words on your blog with the related linkbacks. I am wanting to find a way to get a Wii for free, and here is John Cow giving away 2 of them plus a $50 voucher for a game. My dream come true! This competition is fully sponsored by Cellforcash dot Com who are also giving away a Wii on their own website. CellForCash will pay you for your old cell phone! I know we have at least 3 old cell phones lying around somewhere. You can join their affiliate program so you can start earning cash for other people’s old cell phones.
Here is hoping I win either through John Cow or CellForCash's contest! I want to play for exercise, and I know my kids would enjoy it, too.


free iphone / free ps3 said...

Sounds nice, but I don't trust sites like these for two important reasons:

1. It's very easy to fake a winner.
2. Participants keep linking to them and they get bigger and more popular (and most importantly make LOTS more money), so they can repeat these contests again to continue the loop.

I’d rather earn my way towards getting a free wii

Leighanna said...

Great work.

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